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We offer a complete range of products especially designed to answer to all the needs and requirements of the Hotel sector.

We divide them in three categories, according to their characteristics and the business they are orientated to.
Hot category: a complete line of coffees, milk based preparations and chocolates.  Ideal for breakfast buffets, either self-service or kitchen use.

Cold category: a wide offer of juices and concentrated drinks. This is a versatile line of products, that fits perfectly for buffet or outdoor bars around a pool, cocktail bars, etc…

Dessert category: category of a large variety of soluble desserts.

Productos destacados

CoffeePot concentrated juice with pulp 5 Lts 1:6

Concentration: 1=6
Orange (ref. 3417)
Pineapple (ref. 3432)
5 liter bottle.
Box 2 pcs.

CoffeePot natural soluble coffee 500g

Dosage: 1.5 gr. (100 c.c.)
Bag 500 gr.
Box 10 pcs.
Ref. 2001

CoffeePot instant Yogurt flavored dessert 1 Kg

Dosage: 20 gr. (100 c.c.)
Yogurt | Sugary Yogurt | Strawberry | Pinneapple | Lemon | Banana
Bag 1 Kg. Box 10 pcs.


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